Technical SEO Audit

KnockOnce’s tailored technical SEO audit can improve your site ranking for future growth of your business. We check your website’s HTTPS status codes, keyword search and page ranking, responsiveness of your site, and many more.

On-Page SEO Audit

On-page SEO optimizes every page of your website to rank higher through keyword research.We perform basic analysis of SEO by checking your site’s title tags, metadata descriptions, and ALT tag defined images.

Off-Page SEO Audit

Our off-page SEO audit focuses on all the backlinks that point to your website and social media engagement. We monitor all the SEO keywords that perform well and trace back your audience to your site.

Architecture and Code Review

Our team of best-skilled Web Developers and Designers scan through every code written to analyze the architecture, tools, and technologies used. We discover bugs and security breaches that impair the full potential of your website.

Image Optimization and Hyperlink Audit

Including the right images that convey the right message is essential. In this audit, we check for image incorrectness by detailing the image resolution, format, and size. While, the hyperlink audit at KnockOnce crawls through and makes note of links that have been clicked by your visitors to better organize them for site enhancement.

Competitive Audit

Knowing what your competitors do is crucial for your business to run successfully. We break through every small block of your competitors to see what influences their visitors and organize a new strategy to scale up your business.

Tools We Use

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